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GowuToy : a powerfull tool for key disabling and key substitution.
KbTester : This tool helps you to diagnose keyboard problems. It shows you how many keys down at the same time your keyboard support. This tool help to find bad keys (dead key or stuck key) your keyboard. Test and diagnose your keyboard with this freeware tools. Very powerfull to see antighosting is real or not.


GowuToy let you swap keys on the keyboard or disable keys. DownloadVersion V0.4.1 here

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KbTester : Test and check your keyboard

KbTester is a tool running on Windows 32/64bits witch is able to test stuck keys and dead keys of your keyboard. How many keys down can handle your keyboard at the same time ? Does your keyborad have dead keys ?
To know if your keyboard is Ok, use this diagnotic tool !! You can get the lastest version (witch support 64bits now) here.

kbtester keyboard testing tool

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